Base on fumed silica product, Xunyuchem developed the fumed alumina product. XYAL100 is a high purity aluminium oxide. It is has high BET surface area and positive surface charge, which bring powerful functions in different applications.

Application and Functions

XYAL fumed alumina applications

  • Lighting industry: Fumed Alumina acts as binder between fluorescent materials, fluorescent materials and glass, makes them bidden together; as protect layer, keeps mercury from permeating into the fluorescent materials and glass, improve the lighting effect and extend the product lifetime
  • Powder coating, toner: increase the flowability and charge ratio
  • Photographic paper: increase the lustre and impressionability
  • PP & PE: used as anti-blocking agent, prevent the plastic layer from bonding

Physico-chemical data of fumed alumina

PropertiesUnitsTypical ValueStandardization
Specific Surface Area(BET)m2/g100±15GB/T10722
pH Value (in 4% dispersion)3.7-4.5GB/T 1717
Loss on Drying, Ex Works ( 2h @   105℃)wt%<1.5GB/T 5211.3
Alumina content(based on the   substance heated at 1000℃ for 2 h)wt%>99.5GB/T20020
Refractive Index1.69

TDS Download

Technical Data Sheet (TDS): XYAL100 TDS
Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): XYAL100 MSDS