Base on fumed silica products, Xunyuchem developed the fumed alumina product. XYAL100 is a high purity aluminum oxide. It has a high BET surface area and positive surface charge, which brings powerful functions in different applications.

XYAL100 fumed alumina
XYAL100 fumed alumina
XYAL100 fumed alumina

Application and Functions

XYAL fumed alumina applications

  • Lighting industry: Fumed Alumina acts as binder between fluorescent materials, fluorescent materials and glass, makes them bidden together; as protect layer, keeps mercury from permeating into the fluorescent materials and glass, improve the lighting effect and extend the product lifetime
  • Powder coating, toner: increase the flowability and charge ratio
  • Photographic paper: increase the lustre and impressionability
  • PP & PE: used as anti-blocking agent, prevent the plastic layer from bonding

Physico-chemical data of fumed alumina

PropertiesUnitsTypical ValueStandard
Specific Surface Area(BET)m2/g100±15GB/T10722
pH Value(in 4% dispersion)3.7-4.5GB/T 1717
Loss on Drying, Ex Works
([email protected]℃)
wt%<1.5GB/T 5211.3
Alumina content
(based on ex-works)
Refractive Index1.69

TDS Download

Technical Data Sheet (TDS): XYAL100 TDS
Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS): XYAL100 MSDS