XYSIL® fumed silica is key excipients in a wide range of pharmaceutical and nutritional supplement products.

This product is as a glidant or free-flow additive to provide improved tablet production efficiencies and tablet uniformity and strength. It improves the free-flow of powders and granulations — facilitating the filling of capsules. For soft-gel capsules, XYSIL®200P provides an anti-settling of insoluble ingredients in the liquid or gel prior to and during filling of the capsule.


In Solid dosage form (tablets & capsules)

  • Improved powder flow and packing characteristics
  • Reduces caking
  • Improve tablet properties
  • Hardness
  • Weight uniformity
  • Content uniformity
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Enhanced dissolution
  • Improved tabletting operation

In Semi-solid dosage form

  • Inorganic thickener
  • Viscosity enhancer
  • Keeps the active ingredient uniformly distributed

In Liquid dosage form

  • Thickens low polarity media
  • Forms clear gel
  • Helps pseudoplastic flow behavior
  • Keeps the particles in suspension
  • Prevents sedimentation
fumed silica applied in pharma

Functions In Pharma


fumed silica particles are non-porous and typically the moisture content is less than 1% at the time of packaging, which can be removed by heating at 110ºC. Fine particle size and large number of surface hydroxyl group makes the fumed silica an excellent desiccant. It absorbs moisture but will not liquefy, which helps to stabilize moisture sensitive ingredients in drugs, tablets and capsules preventing agglomeration of powder blends.

Flow Properties

fumed silica is used as glidant and anti-caking agent to improve the flow properties of granulation in high-speed tablet and capsule machine. Particulate flow has a direct effect on weight uniformity and plays an important role in solid-solid blending and powder homogeneity.

Reduces friction between particles

Improves flow of granulations

Improves fill of surface irregularities in granules

Prevents segregation and separation of granules

Assists in prevention of cavitations or surging of tablet granulation in a powder blend