History & Development

The company was established. The first project construction (2000 tons annual capacity) started in June and completed in December. The first batch of qualified product is produced.
Annual actual capacity reached 1850 tons. The main product models are XYSIL150 and XYSIL200. The product quality had been accepted in the domestic market, and products had been sold well in the Chinese market, mainly for end users with neutral package.
domestic and international sale percentage
Introduced complete set of advanced quality control equipment and improved part of the production equipment to improve the quality of products.
Cooperated with well-known domestic design institutes to upgrading the technology and increasing productivity. XYSIL300 and XYSIL380 had been produced and the full range product line formed.
Capacity had achieved 3,000 tons/year. The quality can be comparable with international famous brands. Began to enter the international market(mainly in Far East), product quality had been accepted by international users. Participated International Coatings Show in Dubai.
Expanded the international market to Italy, Spain, India and other countries. Gradually established sale network and began to appoint regional agencies.
client geo chart
Identified as well-known brands and high-tech industry company by Henan Province.
Cooperated with some well-known international companies. Xysil had occupied a certain market share in many countries. Began construction of the second project (3000 tons/year) and the hydrophobic production line.
Complete the second project construction, achieving 6,000 tons capacity. Hydrophobic models gained recognition of more customers and market.
Agents and their sale network in more than 20 countries. Start to build the 3rd phase(5000tons/year).
Developed the fumed alumina product, XYAL100.
Introduced the new bulk bag(150kg capacity) for fumed silica products.