For Gel Battery

Gelling / Thickening of sulphuric acid for accumulators with XYSIL Fumed Silica. XYSIL Fumed Silica is used in special lead-acid batteries to gel the electrolyte (i.e. very strong thickening).

Major Benefits

  • Significant increase of accumulator’s service life by prevention of acid stratification even at deep discharge
  • Improvement of resistance to extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration
  • Leak proof battery even if not mounted in an upright position

Gel batteries made with Xysil fumed silica require no maintenance with respect to watering and can be used as deep-cycle batteries. These properties make them an excellent choice for applications like forklifts, boats, storage of green energy, and back-up power supply like alarm systems and telecommunication.

Effects: Thickening, thixotropy, gel formation

For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Li-ion battery technology offers distinct advantages over other batteries especially their excellent energy-to-weight ratio and low self-discharge rate.

Therefore they are thinner, lighter, and generally achieve longer operating times than many other rechargeable batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are a sub-class of Li-ion batteries, featuring a solid or gelled, non-flammable, and spill-proof electrolyte. Lithium-ion batteries (LIB) are used for various applications including consumer electronics and power tools but also as large battery assembly in the new up-coming market of electric vehicles.

Major Benefits

  • Increase in battery capacity and rate capability
  • Improvement of battery efficiency at lower working temperatures
  • Increase in battery life time

Effect: Thermal stability, Mechanical strength, Electrolyte wettability