About Xunyu Chem

Henan Xunyu Chemical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicates to fumed silica researching, manufacturing, and marketing. We brought in advanced manufacturing techniques, and we have a complete production system, first-class lab equipment, and rounded products. With all staff’s consistent effort, now Xunyu has already been the famous supplier in China, and offer fumed silica to Europe, America, India, Mideast and other countries/regions, and wins a reputation in the international market.

The main product is hydrophilic fumed silica, and the annual capacity is 11,000 Mt. The main model of hydrophilic fumed silica are XYSIL150, XYSIL200, XYSIL300, and XYSIL380, and hydrophobic fumed silica are XYSIL R120H, XYSIL R170H, and XYSIL R230. These products are high quality with very competitive price, which can be the replacement of some famous products. XYSIL fumed silica is widely used in the chemical industry like Silicon Rubber, Coating and Resins, etc. Furthermore, Xunyu Chemical has a team of technique staff work on the research and development of new products and the applications of products, providing complete support in different application fields.

The vapour phase method we used is advanced and the producing technology is mature; the whole production system is advanced with digital data monitoring through the production line. This perfect quality control system ensures the stability of products quality.

All staff in Xunyu Chemical hold the principle of “Must practice what we promise; Only practice what is good”, consistently providing high-quality products and complete service to need different needs of clients all over the world.

We welcome all the clients to visiting and cooperating, and we long to cooperate with other R&D organizations to improve the products, discover new applications, and do some other research.