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XYSIL® fumed silica is an efficient reinforcement and rheology control additives for silicone rubber.

As the surface area of fumed silica increases, so does thickening and reinforcement. However, high surface area XYSIL® fumed silica require high shear dispersion equipment to achieve optimal performance. In general, XYSIL® 150 is used in RTV silicone sealant; XYSIL® 200 and XYSIL® 300 are used in HTV silicone rubber and LSR.

  • In RTV silicone sealant
    XYSIL® fumed silica provides thixotropy and reinforcement for RTV silicone sealants, while its shear-thinning property provides thickening and sag resistance at rest or low shear and thinning at high shear for easy application.
  • In HTV silicone rubber and LSR
    XYSIL® fumed silica strengthens the cured rubber, increasing hardness, modulus, tensile strength and tear strength. Unlike other reinforcing fillers, XYSIL® fumed silica can be used in transparent or clear applications.

Fumed silica in Silicone Rubber

Sytem XYSIL® Grade Concentration in wt.% Effect
RTV-1 Silicone Sealant XYSIL®150 3.0-30 Reinforcement, Thixotropy
RTV-molding compound(2 components) XYSIL®200 3-30 Reinforcement, Thixotropy
HTV Silicone Rubber XYSIL®200 5.0-35 Reinforcement, sag resistance, dispersability, surface quality, life duration
Liquid Silicone Rubber XYSIL®200


5-30 Rheology control, sag resistance, reinforcement, anti-settling