Paints and Coatings

XYSIL® fumed silica is mainly used in paints and coatings as thixotropic agent and anti-settling agent

It is used to control rheological characteristics, helps in the prevention of rust and corrosion. XYSIL® products should be added in concentrations of 0.5–5.0%.

XYSIL® fumed silica improves thixotropic and rheological properties of coatings and paint systems, retains original transparency of lacquers. Furthermore, addition of fumed silica enhances hardening of coating film, adhesion to surfaces, as well as reduces deterioration rate of the coatings and fading of materials with transparent top coating. Besides, it helps to prevent run-off and sag of paints applied on vertical surfaces, thus ensuring top quality leveling. The fumed silica is used as a matting agent of lacquer systems, whereas the desired effect may be adjusted within wide ranges.

Fumed Silica XYSIL® for Paint & Coating & Ink

SytemXYSIL® GradeConcentration in wt. %Effect
Polyester CoatingsXYSIL®200
0.5-2.5Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
Alkyd Resin CoatinsXYSIL®200
0.5-5.0Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
Acylic Resin CoatingsXYSIL®2001.0-4.0Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
Zin-rich PaintsXYSIL®2001.0-3.0Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
Powder CoatingsXYSIL®150
Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
UV-curing coatingXYSIL®2002.0-3.0Thixotropy, Thickening, Antisedimentation, Free flow
Printing InksXYSIL®2001.0-10Thixotropy, Anti-Sag. Anti-Settling