Xunyu Chemical introduces the Gas-Phase manufacturing technique, which includes seven courses: Pretreatment of raw material, Aggregate, Mixing, Gas-Solids Separation, Deacidify, Packing, Waste gas treatment.
fumed silica producing process

By hydrolyzing SiCl4(a byproduct in production of poly-silicon) in oxyhydrogen flame at high temperature, we get the Primary particles, a particle of 7-40nm. The Primary particles forms agglomerate measured by micron, after being accumulated and collided, and then, the agglomerate and the waste gas produced in the production of Primary particles at high temperature, go into the high efficiency separator, which is called the gas-solid separation. Then, SiO2 from the bottom of the High Efficiency Separator goes into the Deacidiy Tower to deacidify, after that, the products go into Storage Bin to be packaged. The waste gas from the top of the high efficiency separator once again goes into the tail gas treatment system. The unpolluted gas directly goes into the air.

The chemical equation as follows: 2H2 + O2 + SiCl4 → SiO2 + 4HCl