Hydrophobic Fumed silica:

XYSIL® hydrophobic fumed silica is based on hydrophilic fumed silica products, aftertreated with HMDS (hexamethyldisilazane) and DDS (Dimethyldichlorosilane) based superficial treatment, or structure modified.

GradesBET surface area [m2/g]Loss on drying [%]pH valueCarbon content [%]Surface modification
XYSIL® R120120 ± 20≤ 0.76.0-7.5*1.5-2.5*HMDS
XYSIL® R120B120 ± 20≤ 0.73.7-4.5*0.6-1.2*DDS
XYSIL® R120H120 ± 20≤ 1.05.5-7.5*4.5.-6.5*
XYSIL® R170170 ± 20≤ 0.55.5-8.0*1.5-2.5*HMDS
XYSIL® R170H170 ± 20≤ 0.73.7-4.5*0.7-1.5*DDS
XYSIL® R200200 ± 20≤ 0.55.5-7.5*>1.8HMDS
XYSIL® R210210 ± 20≤ 0.57.0-8.5*3.5-6.5*
XYSIL® R230260 ± 20≤ 0.55.5-8.0*2.5-4.0*HMDS


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